What’s in your bowl?

This has got to be one of my favorite customer reviews EVER! Thanks Henry Heth in Kansas City.

“OK, so I go to this salad place (they now exist), and they do these custom salads (really, this is a salad bar where only the cook has access to the salad bar). They use different types of greens, vegetables, beans, nuts, meat, cheese, whatever, and they chop it up, and they add dressing, and then they put it in a huge steel bowl so they can mix it with abandon. Stuff flying everywhere, but the bowl is so big it catches everything. THIS IS THAT BOWL.

Warning: my wife frowned when I opened the box to show her this giant new bowl. I explained its perfect suitability for large salad-making, and she blurted “Where the h are we going to put that? In the garage?” I tried a few cabinets, to no avail (they were too small), and she smiled and strolled out. But Fortune smiled upon me, as this Giant Bowl readily fits into the cabinet above our refrigerator. I tell her its in the garage just to soothe her mind.

She apparently has discovered its new location because I came home the other night to FIND HER USING THE BOWL TO MAKE SALADS. I have learned that, in such situations, it is best to say nothing. If I were to gloat, then as God is my witness, she would accidentally run her car into the garage door or something.”

Henry is talking about the 16 Qt. Bowl. It’s big…for sure, but we’ve got bigger. The 20 Qt. bowl inspired my sister to remodel her kitchen. And the 45 qt bowl? Let’s just say you could bathe children or dogs in it. (Special order…you’ll have to call if you want it!) My friend Brenda uses the 45 Qt. bowl as her go to for all things canning.

So the question is…what’s in your bowl?

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One Response to What’s in your bowl?

  1. Brenda Kay says:

    Okay, so I AM the Brenda mentioned in the above post, and yes, as Kathryn mentioned, I do use that crazy-big 45 quart bowl for canning. Let it be known that I’ve also used it in water fights. A big water fight calls for a big bowl, and canning a bazillion pounds of fruit also requires such an item. Instead of generating a monumental mess in the kitchen by using a bunch of smaller bowls, I’ve found that that the 45-quart bowl holds it all, contains the mess and makes canning so much easier. Love it!

    P.S. I’ve never bathed a baby in it, but I have had to tell my 8 year old, “Get out of that thing!” Maybe she’d bathe more often if I poured warm water in it :)

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