New Product: Introducing End Grain Cherry Wood Butcher Chop Blocks!

Ram Kitchen Cherry Wood Chop Block

We are SO excited for this new product!  This is a Brazilian Cherry Wood Butcher Block.  The gorgeous end-grain block keeps knives sharp up to 3 x longer than other butcher blocks.  It is handcrafted in Honduras from reclaimed wood from Hurricane Felix. Felix was crazy, but it has produced a beautiful product.  The perfect size, they are 2 inches thick and available in 12 x12 inch blocks or 16 x 16 inch blocks.  Big enough to really do the job, but no so big you have no where to store them.  They have inset handle notches for ease in moving and carrying and the large one has bumpers and a juice groove.  They are coated with FDA food safe mineral oil and beeswax and clean up is easy with soapy water and a dishcloth.  They would even make a great serving platter.  And don’t forget FREE shipping! So without further ado, WELCOME to our new Brazilian Cherry Wood Butcher block, you’ll be very at home here…until of course they make it to YOUR home.

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